Joseph Carrillo is a composer living and working in Los Angeles. His music has been heard in numerous films, such as the winning comedy Not Cool (Shane Dawson, dir.), the family drama Closer to God: Jessica's Journey (Jenn Page, dir.), and the supernatural thriller The Hanged Man (Neil Weiss, dir.).

His music for Society Art's entry in the 2014 San Diego 48 Hour Film Festival, Wish was awarded Best Music Score.

His score for the upcoming iOS educational game Penguemic: Word Domination, for Learn District, Inc., thematically travels the world, while teaching vocabulary. The game was recently greenlit for development by Steam.

He has composed original music used in many of the Fine Brothers comedy series, including the Season Two of Emo Dad, the wickedly hilarious Platonic, and the ahead-of-its-time pilot My Profile Story, which also aired on Comedy Central as part of Atom TV.

In the fall of 2013 5IVElements Suite for Orchestra, was played on a continuous loop, at the Northeastern Nevada Museum of Art, as an accompaniment to an art show of the same theme. Each movement underscoring the experience of twenty-five paintings by the group ForWomenArt, in a breathtaking multimedia experience.

He continues to work on new music for a variety of ensembles, as well as new film projects. Stay in touch for the latest news.


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