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When Joseph Carrillo first discovered the impact of cinematic music, he was inspired to create. But growing up in a community without film opportunities, he turned to the stage, composing incidental music for plays throughout high school and college. He began his musical training first with piano lessons and later to playing trumpet and French horn in the school band, and singing in the choir. He discovered a passion for oboe and earned a degree in oboe performance from Boise State University.

Joseph now focuses his talents in the film music industry in Los Angeles. His work can be heard in numerous features, commercials, web series, and short films.

Joseph has also prepared scores and parts, served as orchestrator and arranger for other industry colleagues, including Miriam Cutler (Dark Money, RBG, Love, Gilda), and Penka Kouneva (Life Link, Blue). Additionally, he has performed oboe parts, whistling, vocals, and voice-over narration.