After months of working on both the score and post sound mix (dialogue and sound effects), I recently sent the final version of the sound mix for the director to download.

Bloom is nearly done!

I really wanted to score this film, and not just because some of my closest friends are in the cast and crew. It is such a beautiful story. It just so happened they also needed a sound mixer and I volunteered for that role as well. Happily iZotope RX came into my life part of the way into the process, which greatly helped cleaning up the audio. Luckily they were willing to work with my schedule: I started work on this fantastic short film back in the spring and worked on it as time allowed in and around other jobs. And after many nights and weekends, my part concluded.

Bloom takes place in the side room of a church on a bride's wedding day. The characters, the bride, her mother and sister, and her two friends, Janet and Rich, some of whom interact with each other in earnest for the first time, explore the absurdities of our existence as they get ready to walk their friend down the aisle. It is a funny, dark, and sincere glimpse into their lives and experiences, which are familiar to our own.

It afforded me an opportunity to create a score that had all the elements I enjoy. A swell of strings here, some odd instrumentation there (dulcimer and Cathedral of Junk), and a chance to play with the on-screen timing (just occasionally acknowledging the timing of a line or movement), and to cap it off with a Bollywood-style tune. All the score is posted on Soundcloud and embedded below. Please enjoy!