Welcome to the newly updated site! This first blog entry is a bit of a formality to introduce you to what this is all about. I mentioned in my last blog entry on Blogger that a lot of my inspiration for this move is e-commerce focused. But it was also an opportunity to clean up some of the information and streamline my ability to update quickly.

I wanted the credits page to list all my work in order, rather than have the film and concert music separate. Being a multi-faceted composer, I felt since my creative focus is balanced much more between stage and screen that my list of credits should portray that. It was also an opportunity to  complete information regarding the premieres of some pieces.

I also did away with the Contact page, consolidating it with the About page. Seemed appropriate.

The biggest change is in regards to the store, and more so about the store experience. Order fulfillment on my end was a challenge and this allowed the process to be automatic. If it provides you with better service, then I want to create that for you.

Ultimately this process adds up to my being able to compose more, and fiddle with my site less. This move hasn't been without its challenges, but every change in life also provides opportunities, even if they aren't immediately evident. Ultimately I hope this provides a better experience for anyone perusing the music on the site, and exploring the sheet music and mp3's in the store.